Along with the superior purification process, the Aquafresh purification system has many other features like:

WaterQ RO-25 LPH Commercial RO Water Purifier, 25 Litre

RO water purifier removes toxin such as lead, mercury, Fluoride, Arsenic, Chlorine which case human body to be ill. Lead metal can cause brain damage and anemia. RO water filter is great for removing commonly found Cryptosporidium in lake, river and public supply water. WaterQ RO-25 LPH Commercial RO 25-litre water purifier(white).


Product Description Keeping in sync with time, we are able to offer 50 Liter RO Commercial Plant to our patrons. We offer these at market leading rates. Product Details:
Excellent working
Superior finish
Longer life


one year Free Service and Free Standard Installation of the unit] Advantages
  • Ideal for Schools, Hospitals, Factories, Restaurants.
  • No need to buy expensive water jar for drinking.
  • 100% pure and safe water for your requirements.
  • Require minimum space near your water cooler.
  • Compatible with water cooler and water Dispenser.
  • Purify any type of water like Underground water or Supply water.
  • Auto cut-off and auto start with water level sensor (Optional part).
  • Max duty cycle 500-700 ltr per day ( with 10 min. rest on every 2 hours)
  • Easy to maintain and clean.