Any water purifier can not give purify water without proper service

Improving Water Purifier Function

A water purifier is a type of machine meant for removing different types of impurities from drinking it effectively with most advanced techniques. Many homes and offices use it's purifier in order to improve the quality. In today's world everyone wants to drink germs free water, so people do use different types of purifiers like Aquaguard, Aquafresh and Kent,which keeps us safe from several diseases. There are different types of purifiers available in the markets and they come with different specifications. On the other hand, people must make sure that they function properly at regular intervals for extending the life of a machine. This will help a lot to reduce the problems associated with repairs and other issues which affect working conditions. So one should take care of these products for enhancing thier life. Aquaguard is a leading purifier in Mumbai marketed by Rami Enterprises that offers valuable services to customers in Mumbai. However, one should focus more on servicing the machine for achieving better results, because if machines keep working well you would also get good reults from it. Thus, if you take care of machine, it will take care of yours. Dealers of Purafix are always ready to provide you with the sales & services of brands like Aquafresh, Aquaguard & Kent.

Acidity and Alkalinity

Alkalinity is anabolic, which builds up (growth) and acidity is catabolic, which wears down (aging). The cells of the human body are slightly acidic and must exist in a slightly alkaline environment (the body fluid) if they are to remain healthy and produce energy. For good health and long life, we should eat about 80% alkaline food and 20% acidic food, the exception being the winter months where we can shift to 70% alkaline and 30% acidic food to get the benefit of internal body heat and fat buildup. We instead, eat more of acidic food, which not only hastens the ageing process but also makes the digestion system unhealthy. Misconceptions about our nutritional needs and farming conveniences force us to eat a diet that is 80% acidic and only 20% alkaline, right from the time we get off breast milk. This is how we unknowingly start the aging process early in our lives. If we follow a proper alkaline diet right from childhood, we will not age beyond our physical growth phase of 23 years, till at least 50 years. There are people in the world who have been following an alkaline diet right from the age of 3 or 4, because it is what their parents inculcated in their lives, and their health, vitality are youthfulness are testimony to the above facts. A person is usually diagnosed with acidity, when he shows symptoms of frequent belching with heartburn. This is the kind of acidity that we are most familiar with, which is nothing but the malfunction of gastroesophogeal sphincter muscle. This muscle gets damaged by the regular consumption of highly acidic and spicy food as well as the action of strong gastric juices from the stomach. The malfunction of this muscle causes the reverse flow of gastric juices, irritating the esophagus. What we are not so familiar with is the low-lying level of acidity that is silently lurking in our bodies right from our childhood. The cause of this acidity is the high proportion of acidic foods we are taught to eat based on a wrong paradigm of nutrition. This type of acidity is the root cause of heartburn, ulcers, constipation, flatulence, headaches, migraines, arthritis, gout, uric acid, joint pains, skin problems, bone degeneration, and hemorrhoids, as you will shortly understand. Acidity can also get augmented with the acidifying toxins that pathogens within our bodies produce. That is why we should get rid of all harmful pathogens quickly. As the number of pathogens increase, they create more acidic environments that help them proliferate further.

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